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LinkedIn Introduces Stories

Social media Stories have become a huge part of consuming content since Snapchat launched the concept nearly a decade ago. Instagram jumped on board, Stories were rolled out across Facebook and now LinkedIn is joining the party, fashionably late.

The concept is the same: upload a video or image, and you can add copy, stickers or GIFs. Tag your colleagues or other businesses and it all disappears in 24 hours.

Here is a full list of the features:

LinkedIn has specified that content posted on this new feature should still follow the guidelines on what you’d post on the platform day-to-day, ensuring that content remains professional or educational and suitable for the audience viewing it. They’ve recommended that personal and private moments should be shared elsewhere. They’ve also committed to not allowing the feature to become spammy with overuse of selling products and services.

The model of stories is tried and tested with over 500 million users accessing them daily on Instagram. While Instagram is different from LinkedIn, the people using these platforms are not necessarily all that different.

In 2019, Exalted Digital reported that the most active demographic on LinkedIn are those between the ages of 18 to 29. Not so surprisingly, the same age group are soaking up the most amount of time on Instagram. 

Like Instagram, Stories can be used by businesses and professionals to share the unpolished content that wouldn’t normally qualify for the feed. Some are questioning whether Stories deserves a seat at the LinkedIn table, but we’re seeing plenty of benefits.

Here are some ideas on how you can quickly get active on LinkedIn Stories:

  • Share behind the scenes content of your business.

  • Have regular ‘staff takeovers’, allowing yourself and team members to provide insight into their day at work.

  • Connect with other businesses and users by tagging them in content that you feel is relevant.

  • Flip the camera to selfie mode and share some insights from your day.

There’s no telling whether LinkedIn Stories will be an Instagram style success story, but here’s what we do know: when LinkedIn releases a new feature, they want nothing more than for it to succeed. For this reason, new features are bumped up higher in the algorithm and generally, you can bet that your content will get in front of a few more eyeballs. 

The LinkedIn Stories feature is currently only available to members and select LinkedIn Pages located in Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, and the UAE. However, after testing, they’ll be releasing the feature more widely.

We’ll be taking the dive, will you? 

If so, we’ll see you on Stories!

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