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How Customer Pain Points Should Influence Your Copy

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

You can think of ‘pain points’ as the problem your customer faces. It’s your job to show them how you are the solution to their problem.

Understand your customer’s pain points by building an audience profile. Use resources including:

- Australian Bureau of Statistics

- Industry reports

- Data analytics tools

- Reading relevant social media groups

- Survey or questionnaire EDMs

- Directly asking your customers what they need and want via socials

- Reading your competitors’ reviews

- Customer testimonials for products or services similar to your own

- Qualitative market research

- Empathy for your customer’s lifestyle

Each customer’s underlying reason to relate to a particular pain point could be different and specific. A working parent, small business owner or custom jewellery designer, for example, could all be looking for something to help them wind down within their busy, stressful schedule. Bearing your audience members’ diversity in mind, begin by thinking about how your copy can address these primary pain points:

Financial pain points

Customer is spending too much money on their current product/service, or doesn’t have a lot of money to spend.

  • Build copy to highlight your financial accessibility. Think language like ‘affordable’ ‘discounted’, ‘price of only $X’

  • Tie your copy in with your customer’s wider circumstances: e.g ‘We understand the toll the global pandemic has taken on your income, so we’re here with (product/service) to help get things a little bit back to normal.’

Productivity pain points

Customer is wasting too much time with current provider, or doesn’t have a lot of time to spare.

  • Use language like ‘efficient’, ‘quick and easy’, ‘simple and reliable.’

  • Acknowledge what makes your customers' life so busy and how you can help: e.g ‘Being a working parent is quite the balancing act, so we’re here with comfortable weighted blankets to help you truly relax in your limited down time.’

Process pain points

Customer wishes to improve internal processes. Particularly relevant in Business To Business (B2B) content.

  • Use language like ‘smoother’, ‘streamline’, ‘improved communication’.

  • Reference where your customer’s workflow is at and highlight where it could be: e.g ‘Juggling several desktop apps? Overwhelmed by notifications? Tired of chasing up other’s deadlines? Step up your workplace comms and stress less with’.

Support pain points

Customers aren’t receiving appropriate guidance during the customer journey, or are not following through to conversion.

  • Use inclusive language like ‘Us’, ‘We’, ‘Our’.

  • Prompt your customer when it’s likely they could get lost before the next step: e.g. ‘Reach out through our DMs if you’re looking for help to craft copy that converts’, or ‘Click here to see your options moving forward’, or ‘Pssst, hey, we’ve got awesome deals via the link in our bio.’

At Social Motive, we understand that crafting your own copy is an important part of your business, which you may not have the time to create on your own! If you’re looking for some affordable support to improve the customer experience, distribute quality content or just make sure your copy is error-free, reach out via our website or email at

(See what we did there? Can you pick the pain points out of the above paragraph?) But, really: get in touch to learn what our copywriters can do for you.

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