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Instagram Aesthetic: Yes, it really does matter.

If you’re looking to increase your traffic and reach, creating a beautiful and cohesive Instagram aesthetic is vital for turning visitors into followers – and keeping them! As we move away from picture-perfects feeds, now is the time to find your brand’s unique style, tone and personality, and build on these pillars.

Successful Instagram feeds are those that catch your eye. And usually, with the best ones, you can’t even nail down why. Repetition of grid layout, colours, font and photography style can help to establish this seemingly effortless allure.

You want your audience to see your image in their feed and know it’s yours. Your brand’s visual story is what sustains you in the marketplace. It promotes and drives sales, defines and divides you from the competition and cements your narrative in the mind of the viewer so that you can establish the much-needed trust required to evolve as a brand.

But how do you do this? 

The first step is to implement an Instagram theme and create a common visual thread between all of your posts.

Pick a colour.

Base this off your brand colours, a preset or colours that you repeat in each shot. Repeating colours constantly on your feed will make it look visually stimulating and help create that association between your brands.

Or choose a common subject.

Alternatively, your theme may be guided around a specific object that appears in every post, like coffee or plants. This theme is better suited to accounts that serve to promote a particular type of product.

Post & repeat.

Another popular theme is a grid pattern, typically represented as a quote tile in the centre of a feed with lifestyle images either side. This theme allows for a variety of content, while also maintaining an organised and symmetrical look to your feed.

Read into insights.

Take the time to look at your metrics and insights, and adjust your theme accordingly. Which images work and which don’t? 

A theme is essential to your profile. Consistency across the grid will improve your page’s engagement so that your images are boosted and seen by users beyond your followers. A consistent theme will also help your posts stand out to your current followers amongst the littered and busy social media feed. 

You want your audience to know what to expect from your feed; this allows them to translate your sales messages into posts associated with your brand. So, if you’re currently operating ‘themeless’, it’s time to start setting up your unique theme!

Need a hand with your social media strategy? If you’re looking to establish a truly personalised theme that complements your content and drives engagement, we can work with you to create something remarkable. Get in touch here.

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