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Copy That Converts: The Difference Between Writing Words and Writing Them Well.

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

From big-screen commercials to the products in your pantry, words make more than a difference to how we consume. Words are what establish your identity and inspire your audience to think desirably about your brand, to crave more of the opportunity and lifestyle offered by your product.

Though a marketing novice might underestimate the power of content, the expert will understand it to be the backbone: the root of your mission, voice and brand identity. From this carefully considered mix of strategic and creative content comes the narrative – the story that sustains your marketing strategy, captivates your audience and drives results.

If you’re still wondering whether you need a practised copywriter for your marketing campaign, here’s five of the many reasons you might consider employing the multi-purpose powers of the well-worded.

1. Concision is Crucial

Long-winded content is where engagement goes to die. So, how do you convey the details of your narrative, vision and product quickly before your reader moves on?

A copywriter can take three paragraphs and condense it into a few fluent sentences that combine the key messages with the crisp, creative language required to captive your reader and make a lasting impression. In a network overflowing with information, this kind of eloquent word witchery means your audience is less likely to get lost or bored, and far more likely to stop, read and understand in the fragile few moments you have with them.

2. Time is Money

Speaking of fragile moments... time is generally a rarity for those managing multiple marketing campaigns. From initial research to final edits, crafting high-calibre content calls for its own unique process in which – amid the many other facets involved in marketing – you likely don’t have time to dedicate.

One of the many benefits of a copywriter is their autonomous ability to optimise your content and communicate with your audience, which in turn allows you to focus on the roles and responsibilities that keep your business thriving.

3. Strategy, Style and Substance

Whether it's logic, emotion or flair that resonates best with your audience, a practised writer will adapt their tone to your brand’s voice, intertwine relevance to foster connection and manipulate the copy to consider marketing techniques that generate traffic (like SEO) – all before their third coffee of the day.

Creating engaging content stems from the power to understand the needs of your reader and how to best deliver this through the unique voice and identity that defines and drives your brand presence. Whether you seek to educate or evoke emotion, a copywriter blends creativity with strategic content to reach the right people and connect deeply, yet seamlessly, with your community.

4. Proofing Prowess

The art of communication relies on more than copy; it relies on the cleaning, proofing and polishing of content before it hits the eyes of your audience. A copywriter is adept at catching typos, stray apostrophes and misused homophones. So, not only can they tidy and transform text to its most articulate form, but they can also remove any sloppy, unprofessional trace that could otherwise impair your prospects’ trust in you.

Beyond creating content, your copywriter is also an invaluable business tool. As the gatekeeper of content, any important emails or presentations reviewed by your writer will be in its cleanest, most refined form before being sent out into the world. While AutoCorrect and Grammarly are must-have tools, your copywriter will detect the errors only a human eye can catch.

5. Consistent Content Marketing

From blog posts to social media, creating regular content that’s valuable and relevant to the audience of each platform will help to build brand awareness and increase organic traffic. Once your brand has established an audience, your copywriter’s role is to cement your content marketing approach by crafting copy that serves to retain, entice and expand this community and ultimately drive profitable customer action.

Beyond intriguing your audience and building awareness, your copywriter also serves the crucial purpose of raising your brand’s voice. Without someone dedicated to this role, you’re likely to get lost among the clutter and chaos of the digital world and the millions of others fighting for space. Combined with the right creative input and advanced marketing techniques, your copywriter will ensure your voice never goes unheard.

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